Vortex Mobius Incliner Kit (IRL4UPGMOB) - Carolina Dronz

Vortex Mobius Incliner Kit (IRL4UPGMOB)

$ 9.99

$ 35.00

Key Features

  • An updated anti-jello plate for the Vortex, which inclines the Mobius by 20 degrees, for optimal camera angle when flying at speed.


  • 1x Baseplate (Carbon Fiber)
  • 1x Top Plate (Carbon Fiber)
  • 2x 20 degree Side Plate (Carbon Fiber)
  • 4x M3 Aluminium Nut
  • 4x M3 Aluminium Screw
  • 4x M3 T-Nuts
  • 1x Laser-cut Foam Back Plate
  • 1x Battery Strap