PolarPro Strobe Light Kit with Mount

PolarPro Strobe Light Kit with Mount

$ 19.99

$ 39.99

PolarPro Drone Strobe Light is intended to increase the visibility of the users aircraft and adhere to FAA guidelines for anti-collision lighting. This strobe is designed to maintain line of sight while flying during civil twilight.

  • Omnidirectional light visible from 2 statute miles away
  • Three settings: quick strobe, slow strobe, constant light
  • Includes two mounting straps for several attachment options making it compatible with many different drone models
  • Minimal footprint at 15g to preserve drone's flight performance
  • 6 hour rechargeable battery life **charge cable included**

Body - 15.02g
Short Strap - 1.93g
Long Strap - 6.2g

Strap Length:
Short - 51.5mm - 66mm
Long - 157mm - 251mm

Strobe Speeds:
Mode A - 2x / second
Mode B - 1x / second
Mode C - Continuous