Horizon Antenna Yuneec Q500/Q500+ Pilot end kit - Carolina Dronz - 1
Horizon Antenna Yuneec Q500/Q500+ Pilot end kit - Carolina Dronz - 2

Horizon Antenna Yuneec Q500/Q500+ Pilot end kit

$ 209.99

Product Description

This is the latest from Horizon.

Introducing the NEW YUNEEC dual  antenna pilot end kit, using the very new Blackhawk LHCP  2.4 & 5.8 GHz antenna system.

NEW color now available to match up nicely with the New Q500 4K.  All Black. These kits are RHCP so if you choose this option you must also order either the camera mod kit or the complete UAV kit also in Black. This will keep both the pilot and uav antennas matched in RHCP. The stock antenna in the camera out of the box is LHCP so it must be changed if you choose the Black option.

This antenna contains the pair of Horizon antennas , in WHITE and LHCP  and the silver patch cables .
This special antenna is compact but gives a 12 dB lift on the video link and the Rc link (2.4 GHz) which ensures a good solid link to the UAV on both control and video, this helps with objects, buildings and especially interfering signals, the range will increase. , these antennas are proved and tested at 1,500 meters with both the pilot and UAV kits installed

Pilot end kit in White or Black

1- BH 2.4 13.5dB Silver
1- BH 5.8 12db Gold
2- patch cables silver plated
2- 17cm ufl x rp-sma cables
1- Custom mounting bracket w/swivel