GPS MODULE FOR SCOUT X4 with GPS and GLONASS - Carolina Dronz - 1
GPS MODULE FOR SCOUT X4 with GPS and GLONASS - Carolina Dronz - 2
GPS MODULE FOR SCOUT X4 with GPS and GLONASS - Carolina Dronz - 3
GPS MODULE FOR SCOUT X4 with GPS and GLONASS - Carolina Dronz - 4


$ 59.99


You want more Blue Lights and stronger GPS? This is highly recommend.  Don't forget to order the replacement GPS Fixing piece also  SCOUT X4-Z-07 and click specific color.

- Power supply: DC voltage: 2.8V-6V, typical: 3.3V or 5.0V
- Consumption: capture : 50mA @5V
- Receiving format: GPS , GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS and SBAS
- Receiving channel: 72 searching channel
- Receiving sensitivity: cold start:  -167dBm, capture: -148dBm
- Positionig time: cold start: 26S    warm start: 25S    hot start: 3S
- Level positioning precision:    2m  at open wild
- Output frequency: 1HZ-10HZ, default 1HZ
- 1PPS precision: <1s,  pulse width: 100ms
- Acceleration precision: 0.1m/s
- Max height: 18000m
- Max speed: 515m/s
- Max acceleration: 4G
- UART interface: UART port: TXDA and RXDA
- Support Rate: 4800bps to 115200bps, default 9600bps
- UART is used for NMEA output
- Weight: 10g
- Working temp: -40---85degree
- Storage temp: -40----85degree

Also, this will work on TALI-H500 too.


With a little help from Steve Suthers i can definitively confirm that grounding your copper shield will greatly improve the GPS on the tali and scout.

Before grounding 4 blue blinks (11 sats) and often loss of gps fix, after grounding 9 blue blinks (16 sats) and no more loss of gps fix. in both cases mounted on top of the shell in a fixing kit.

For those of you who like simple steps;
For the scout:
1. remove shell
2. remove the sticky cover from inside the top part (half way should be fine)
3. there is a little white strip you can peel off with a knife, if not, just scrape off some of the insulation (picture in comments)
4. take a standard male JR (servo) cable and remove all but the GND (black) wire.
5. solder the end of the black wire to the copper that was underneath the white strip. Cover it with some tape. and stick the copper shield back to the top shell.
6. Connect the JR plug in the GEAR port of your flight controller with the GND cable at the bottom. (Careful, don't connect it upside down or you might short out your FC)

Additional steps for the tali:
1. Get a scout GPS fixing kit (X4-Z-07)
2. remove the old gps (replacing it with a BN-300 version if you haven't already)
2. When you have the copper shield removed drill small holes in the middle of your top shell that match the screw holes in the fixing piece. Make sure the gps sits straight and level. Then drill a larger hole in the middle of the 2 holes (large enough to pass the gps cable connectors through).
3. Install your GPS in the fixing kit and use 2 screws to connect it to your shell.
4. Ground your shield with the steps above.

BN-300 gps:
GPS fixing kit:

Hope this helps those struggling with bad gps fixes.