FLIR VUE PRO THERMAL IMAGING CAMERA - 640X480 30HZ 9MM - Carolina Dronz - 1
FLIR VUE PRO THERMAL IMAGING CAMERA - 640X480 30HZ 9MM - Carolina Dronz - 2


$ 1,250.00

$ 3,699.00


FLIR Vue Pro, 640, 9mm, 30Hz 

Take drone thermal imaging and data recording to the new heights with Vue Pro
With FLIR Vu you get all the thermal imager you need for sUAS operations without having to pay for functionality you'll never use. 

Designed for professional use, FLIR Vue Pro is more than a thermal camera, it is a thermal measurement instrument and data recorder that adds tremendous value to your sUAS operations and services.  

Still with the same industry-leading thermal imaging quality and great value as the best-selling FLIR Vue, the Vue Pro adds full data recording of thermal video and 14-bit still imagery. FLIR Vue Pro also uses FLIR Vue's popular and convenient power-in/video-out connection over a 10-pin mini-USB making integration a snap, and ensuring that you'll have easy access to analog video for downlinking. 

FLIR Vue Pro gives you in-flight control of two camera functions through direct PWM connections, and it's future MAVLink compatibility will make it ready for the easy image stitching required for mapping, survey, and precision agriculture applications. Plus, it's compatible with Pix4Dmapper right out of the box 

The convenient mobile app makes pre-flight camera set-up and configuration quick and easy so you won't have to drag a computer out to your flying site just in case you need to change a camera setting.


  • Resolution: 640x512
  • Spectral Band: 7.5 - 13.5 
  • Full Frame Rates: 30 Hz (NTSC); 25 Hz (PAL)
  • Exportable Frame Rates: 7.5 Hz (NTSC); 8.3 Hz (PAL)
  • Weight: 3.25-4 oz (92.1-113.4 g)