3D Robotics Video/OSD System Kit First Person View Kit - Carolina Dronz

3D Robotics Video/OSD System Kit First Person View Kit

$ 99.99

$ 189.99

When safely operating autonomous vehicles, situational information is power. Having a live video stream from your aircraft with superimposed live telemetry data is the ultimate in situational awareness.

This component kit features everything you need to outfit your vehicle with onboard video transmission and telemetry overlay.


  • Sony HAD 520 line camera
  • MinimOSD on-screen-display board
  • 5.8Ghz 200mw video transmitter/receiver pair
  • Two 900mAh LiPo batteries (one for the air, one for the ground)
  • All necessary cables
  • All necessary cables and pre-crimped connectors insure you have the system up and running quickly and efficiently. This kit also includes two batteries, one for the camera and transmitter, and a second for the video receiver on the ground.

    The minimOSD enables live viewing of your autopilot's telemetry stream on top of a live video stream from the aircraft. Now you can easily keep tabs on your battery condition, direction home, altitude, current waypoint, heading, and many other useful pieces of information.

    Our popular micro compact CCD camera and the lightweight 5.8gHz video transmitter and receiver pair complete the components require to give you a crystal clear remote view from your craft.

    Take your flying to the next level with a live remote view using the 3DR OSD kit.