Yuneec H520 Industrial Commercial Hexa-Copter Bundle with CGOET Camera
Yuneec H520 Industrial Commercial Hexa-Copter Bundle with CGOET Camera

Yuneec H520 Industrial Commercial Hexa-Copter Bundle with CGOET Camera

$ 4,699.99

Yuneec  H520 Orange Industrial Commercial Hexa-Copter Bundle with CGOET Camera Bundle. 

Precise and efficient flight plans

Yuneec DataPilot™ software system enables users to efficiently and consistently create orthomaps, 3D scans, crop data imagery, in the field or on the desktop for repeatable, recallable aerial flight paths, without requiring expensive third party software.

Automated flight control

DataPilot auto-generates survey paths with user-defined frontlap/sidelap, and cross-hatching for precision 3D or large format image output. Users may define a survey resolution via altitude or inch-per-pixel decisions, providing a platform that is capable of flight even in low or high-altitude scenarios. DataPilot also allows for storage/caching of maps from many map providers for access in areas with no connectivity, and provides tools for precise waypoint placement even in areas where no updated maps are available.

View live feed with the ST16S Ground Station

DataPilot™ is integrated with the Yuneec ST16S Ground Control Station via the built-in Android 7” Multi-function display, and may be used for exporting flight logs, integrating with popular analytics and post-processing applications such as Pix4D, Agisoft, Datumate, DroneDeploy, Dronifi, and many others.


Yuneec CGOET is a 3-Axis, brushless self-stabilizing gimbal camera with Infrared Imaging Capability (Exothermic Imaging) and compatible with the Typhoon H and H520 only. The Self-Stabilizing gimbal makes it possible to capture vivid photographs and fluid video footage for an array of uses. The built-in digital video link delivers streaming video compatible with iOS and Android equipped devices including smart-phones and tablets as well as YUNEEC Personal Ground Stations. 

Thermal Imaging Solution

The CGO-ET is an innovative combination of 3-axis, 360 degree rotating gimbal with thermal imaging and low light camera.

The thermal camera measures the infrared energy of objects differentiating between temperatures. The included low light camera is 20x more sensitive than the human eye providing superior low light photography and video.


- Exothermal imaging and low light camera 1080p combined and receivable (picture-in-  picture or superimposed)
- Temperature measurement and display.
- Multiple color spectra offers users selectable visualization of heat sources.
- Adjustable temperature detection scale for specific ranges.
- Gimbal mounted IR for smooth detection display.
- Large RGB sensor "sees" better detail in the dark than the human eye.
- HD and infrared simultaneous recording.
- Remote camera settings.
- 3 Axis Gimbal.
- 360 degree unlimited gimbal rotation.
- Team mode capability.
- Low distortion lens.
- CGO-ET application, available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Kit Includes:

1 - Yuneec H520 
1 - ST16S Groundstation Controller
3 - Typhoon H520 Batteries
1 - CGOET Thermo Camera
4 - Typhoon H520 A Propellers
4 - Typhoon H520 B Propellers
2 - LumeCube Lights with Mount
1 - A20 Charger
1 - Hoodman Sunshade
1 - Pelican Case