Parrot Bebop Pro Thermal
Parrot Bebop Pro Thermal

Parrot Bebop Pro Thermal

$ 1,499.99

Parrot Bebop-Pro Thermal is a quadcopter that allows architects, builders, roofers and real estate agencies to safely carry out inspections with its 2 embedded cameras.

This easy to use and accessible solution enables you to make videos and take pictures of buildings and roofs in visual or thermal images, quickly providing an overview and identifying major thermal losses.

The new FreeFlight Thermal mobile app provides live streaming and recording of both the visual and thermal images on a smartphone or tablet connected to Parrot Skycontroller 2.\


What does it come with?

14mp camera

25 min flight time



3 Batteries

FLIR ONE Pro thermal camera

FreeFlight Thermal App


Who is it for?

The parrot Bebop Pro Thermal is for anyone who can realize the benefit of flying a thermal drone solution that is either budget minded, or does not need the cost or complexity of a more mainstream thermal solution. Applicable to Fire/First Responders, this is also a very easy tool for home inspectors, HVAC professionals, Roofing companies, Insurance, and more!  There is not a less expensive and more comprehensive thermal solution on the market. While the FLIR one is only a 120hz resolution sensor, its still a formidable sensor, and the whole drone can be had for less than the cost of a CGO ET for the Tyhpoon H!