Yuneec Typhoon Q500, Q500+, Q500-4k, Carbon Fiber Motor Reinforcement Mounts - Carolina Dronz - 1
Yuneec Typhoon Q500, Q500+, Q500-4k, Carbon Fiber Motor Reinforcement Mounts - Carolina Dronz - 2

Yuneec Typhoon Q500, Q500+, Q500-4k, Carbon Fiber Motor Reinforcement Mounts

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Set of 4, Carbon Fiber 3K twill, precision machined plates for the Yuneec Typhoon series of UAVs.  Designed by HIGHCEE ENGINEERING.

These plates provide needed reinforcement to the area around the motor mounting points to reduce the potential for cracking of the manufacturer’s plastic airframe.

The assembly of the motors and the airframe may have introduced excessive stresses due to over-tightening of the mounting screws, which expands the rubber ‘O’ rings inside the mount assembly. This expansion may in some cases result in cracks appearing around the motor mounts, which if left unattended, may extend into the critical parts of the airframe structure.

These CF plates provide the necessary reinforcement and mechanical integrity to reduce the potential for catastrophic failure of the airframe.  These plates do not “repair” a cracked airframe. If your aircraft shows signs of extended cracks in the plastic towards the support arms, you should replace the plastic airframe before installing these plates.


  1. Remove the LED cover plate using a small Phillips head screwdriver.
  2. Gently pry the ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) circuit board upwards to release it from the pillars without stressing any of the parts. It is recommended to use a plastic tool to avoid damage to the underside of the ESC.
  3. Gently lift the ESC up and to the side without stressing the wires.
  4. Using a 2.5mm HEX driver, unscrew the four motor screws.
  5. Discard the metal washers – these are no longer required.
  6. The motor is now loose and any damaged plastic can be removed.
  1. Inspect the CF plates – they are LEFT or RIGHT depending on the orientation of the motor mount. Turn them over to change orientation.
  2. The CF plates are a close tolerance fit and must be installed horizontally, without tilting the part, which would cause binding.
  3. Ensure the CF plate is fully seated onto the rubber ‘O’ rings.
  4. Insert a motor mount screw. Inspect the extension of the screw through the bottom of the plastic frame – it should be about 2mm. This indicates that the CF plate is properly seated.
  5. If you have some threadlocking cement (e.g. Loctite 648) apply a tiny amount to the motor screw threads now. This step is optional but recommended.
  6. Tighten the screws to pull the motor into position using an ‘X’ tightening pattern. The goal is to evenly seat the motor and plate without over stressing any part. Be careful to ensure the screws are correctly aligned before tightening.
  7. Replace the ESC, LED and LED cover.

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