Why Your Drone Needs Drone ND Filters

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Just like any other camera filter, drone ND filters could be greatly beneficial for drone owners. When you fly a drone without a filter, you can experience problems such as glare, overexposure, color issues and much more. How do you fix these problems? New easy-to-use and attach filters can make drone shots even better, while protecting your lenses from scratches. There is no excuse not to invest in your drone filter.

Drone ND Filters DJI Inspire

ND or Natural Density filters can be found in many videographers kits and could be extremely useful when shooting drone footage. The semi-transparent glass is typically placed in front of your camera lens, to cut the amount of light it receives. One of the benefits which come from the use of the ND filter is slower shutter speeds, which can help your video to seem more smooth. Quicker shutter speeds often make a video seem to shake or become “jittery”.

Another interesting filter is a polarizing filter. When you place a polarizing filter in front of your lens, it will work to decrease any reflections and increase the color saturation in your videos. A great benefit of owning a polarizing filter is that it will filter out any sunlight directed towards the drone lens, making your photo seem more colorful. Replicating the effects of the lens by editing the photo is impossible, so owning your own polarizing lens is a great idea for any drone owner.

The last lens that we are going to talk about is an Ultraviolet or UV filter. This specific filter reduces the haziness of videos. This filter will protect your lens from elements such as dirt, dust, and moisture. Some UV filters can even be permanently attached to your lenses with very little impact on the overall quality of your video. For more information on drone filters and where you can get your own, please feel free to contact Carolina Dronz today.

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