Traveling With Your Drone, the TSA Drone Case and LiPo-safe Bag

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Traveling with a drone can be tricky when your journey includes flying because the TSA can be particular about what is or is not allowed in your checked baggage and carry-ons. Here are some tips to help you successfully transport your drone with minimal issues.  Learn to comply with the TSA while keeping your drone safe in a TSA drone case.

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First, we recommend you do not check your drone if it is of a small enough size for you to carry it on the plane. You want to avoid having airline personnel handling it with the other luggage because of the opportunity for it to be be thrown and subject to impact.

If you can afford it, we strongly recommend you transport your drone in a hard-shell case, as opposed to a soft backpack-style case. A hard-shell TSA drone case provides more protection for the drone if it does take a bump or two while in flight.  It is even more critical to use a hard-shell TSA drone case if you are required to check your drone as it would then be subject to being handled by baggage attendants. Some examples of hard drone cases we recommend would be the Camera Vault Yuneec Rolling Case and the HPRC Phantom 3-Wheeled Case. We carry a variety of hard-shelled TSA drone cases. Remember to get the one that will fit your particular drone.

Because you likely want to lock your case to protect your drone from being stolen, be sure to only use TSA-approved padlocks. Because TSA officers need to be able to check all baggage, the agency has coordinated with lock manufacturers to develop locks that can be opened by TSA officials without having to be cut off. Check to make sure the drone case locks you use are on the approved list. Such locks can often be purchased at airports and travel stores.

An important tip is to always put your LiPo drone batteries in your carry-on baggage.  Never check them. Place them in LiPo-safe storage bags before placing them in your luggage or TSA drone case carry-on.  We carry the EV-Peak LiPo Safety Travel Bag. Many airlines specifically prohibit LiPo batteries larger than a certain size to be carried in checked baggage.  This is because of the risk of fire should the battery have an issue in-flight.  Remember, be safe and put your drone LiPo batteries in a LiPo-safe bag and always in your carry-on.

Please contact Carolina Dronz with any questions you have about traveling with drones or to purchase TSA drone cases and LiPo-safe bags.

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