The Zealheli Yuneec Q500, Q500+, Q500-4K, Typhoon G Mod Kit Makes Your Drone Soar

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In 2015 Sciautonics said that the Yuneec Typhoon Q500+ was ideal for aerial photo and video capturing, and was their top pick for the best camera drone for aerial photography, with the most excellent batteries allowing for extra-long flight time—an average of twenty-five minutes. The one criticism of the Typhoon was that the plastic build left a little flex along the arms holding the rotors and did not help the drone to hit the superior marks it aimed for.

Zealheli Yuneec Q500 Mod

However, with the new Zealheli Yuneec modification kit that covers the Q500, Q500+, Q500-4K, and the Typhoon G, that small flaw is fixed in a big way. This modification, which replaces the standard plastic shell with one composed of machined aluminum and carbon fiber structure, is most definitely an upgrade. The kit makes these drone models lighter in weight, stronger, providing longer flight times and better responsiveness to controls, for maximum air time and clear photos. In addition to the modification kit, a replacement canopy is also available. Best of all, these kits are available exclusively at Carolina Dronz.

Check out these videos on flights after the modification kit installation to see how well it improves the drones features for yourself.

Whether you are looking to upgrade for rotor arm strength, lighter weight, better handling, better picture stability, or maybe all of the above, the Zealheli Yuneec Q series aluminum-carbon upgrade is the perfect one for your drone.

Also, make sure you stay up to date on the latest drone equipment and news by reading Carolina Dronz blog and following them on Twitter. If you have questions or need insights from the pros, contact the Carolina Drone professionals who have the answers you need.

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