The New FAA Commercial Drone Law Part 107, What You Need to Know

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The Obama administration took great strides recently and moved forward with the new FAA Commercial Drone Law Part 107 that will allow for domestic commercial drone use to increase. This creates the potential for exciting business opportunities in a wide variety of industries including; advertising, agriculture, photography, construction, and engineering, to name a few. The new legislation could mean big news for all businesses as the commercial drone industry matures.

FAA Commercial Drone

How it Impacts Commercial Flights

Previously, to fly a drone commercially, a pilot's license was required. The new regulation will lower that requirement to passing a written test, as long as the drone weighs less than 55 pounds. However, more importantly, this does not directly affect hobby drone flyers as of yet, but it does lay out the future for regulating drone aircraft.

Drones in the Domestic Sphere in the Future

This legislation catapulted the U.S. ahead of Europe in regards to drone standards. While not all flights are approved as of yet, studies have already been started which will allow drones to fly over people, to take long-range flights assisted through video imaging, and increase uses for the agricultural industry. With this also comes the development of a brand new control system for traffic created by low-altitude drones. More importantly, this will make flying drones domestically more safe, avoiding the more than 1,000 accidents recently reported simply from flying too close to other aircraft.

Resources Available

Not sure exactly how to get into flying drones commercially? Loads of resources exist for those who wish to expand their horizons. The FAA is providing both aviation manuals and a test guide for potential pilots. There's even an online safety course available. Breaking into the world of drones has never been easier. If you have been sitting on the fence about purchasing a (new) drone, please contact Carolina Dronz. We are your partner in the commercial drone industry.

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