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Anyone who is willing to spend substantial time, energy and money on their unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) should purchase a NAM drone extended warranty service contract. You buy insurance for your car, house, and health, and you should also make sure that your UAV is protected in the case that it requires costly repairs.

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After purchasing the NAM extended warranty service contract there is a fifteen day waiting period after your purchase before your coverage begins so make sure that you are extremely careful with your UAV during this period because if something is damaged you will not be covered.

This service warranty when in effect will protect you from costly repair costs and long repair times. The warranty covers a lot of the systems and components that are essential to the operation of your UAV. If any of the systems are damaged due to crash or just normal wear and tear, you are covered in any event. Below are the components and systems covered by the warranty without any deductible.

  • Gimbal
  • Main Board
  • Motors
  • Shell Replacement
  • Integrated Camera
  • Gimbal Sensor Board
  • Gimbal Ribbon Cable
  • Gimbal Motor Shaft
  • Main Board
  • Compass
  • IMU
  • Diagnostic Fees
The NAM service contract is specifically designed to fill in the gaps of your manufacturer's warranty plans where their warranty is too expensive or repair times are too lengthy. The NAM service contract is ideal for anyone with a UAV since it offers users the best possible protection. Please contact Carolina Dronz to learn more about the NAM service contract.
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