Increase Your Drone Range With The Itelite DBS Antenna

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Interested in flying your drone further than you could before? Increase drone range with this Itelite DBS antenna. Designed by world record setting FPV Quadcopter pilot "DBS," you know you are getting a quality product.

dbs drone antenna upgrade

This antenna easily attaches to your controller without any soldering required. The antenna features a compact design so that your controller will not feel bulky or heavy. The kit comes with everything you will need to install the antenna. It is pound for pound the best "miles per dollar" antenna solution your money can buy!

Fly your drone up to three times as far as you could before! This antenna will strengthen the connection between your controller and your drone, letting the drone fly far into the sky. Customers have reported flying their drones nearly a mile out without losing signal or video feed.

The Itelite DBS has been tested and flown to 8100 feet without losing signal and flown to 4100 feet with a clear video signal. The linear polarized antennas have a low signal rejection for superior video streaming.

This drone modification should not take much longer than an hour for you to install. To find out how to install the antenna step by step, view the installation videos and download the installation instructions.

If you want to see the antenna in action, check out a demonstration video.

Don't have time to install it yourself? Carolina Dronz will gladly install the antenna for you for a flat rate with one of our service/upgrade options.

Purchase the DBS antenna for the YUNEEC Q500/Q500+/Q500-4K, Phantom, Phantom 2 Vision, Phantom 2 Vision Plus.

Purchase the DBS antenna for the Phantom 3 Pro/Advanced and Inspire 1 controllers.

Feel free to contact Carolina Dronz if you have any questions.

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