Learn to Balance a Drone Prop With Your DRUBRO Tru-Spin Prop Balancer

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There is nothing worse than to take your unmanned aircraft system out for a flight and realize your video footage has fell victim to the "jello effect," which results in blurred video playback. One of the culprits behind this phenomenon is having unbalanced propellers installed on your drone. Here at Carolina Dronz, we offer numerous selections of balance drone props to choose from. When in the market for a precision tool, the DRUBRO Tru-Spin Prop Balancer never falls short of the mark. Each product comes calibrated for an exact balance every time.

DRUBRO Tru-Spin Prop Balancer

This product comes with a specifically designed locking cone that secures the blade on the included balancing shaft to determine if the propeller came weighted evenly. There are two types of tests you perform, the horizontal test (placing blade parallel with table) and the vertical test (setting blade at a 90-degree angle from the table).

When conducting the horizontal test (straight across), take notice if the blade stays in the resting position or if it slowly spins to either side. If spinning does occur, whichever side is spinning down is heavier than the other. You can fix this imbalance by a number of techniques. Either you can slowly sand down the heavier side with sandpaper, or you can add material (electric tape, paint, putty, etc.) to the lighter side to even the balance.

After you manage to get it balanced across, you then perform the vertical test (up and down). With this test, pay attention if the top portion of the propeller stays in place or falls to the left or right. If it does fall, in either direction, you would then use your preferred method to even out the weight of the propeller's center on the opposing side.

Once you have finished with both tests, make sure to turn the propeller blade to different angles along the balancer shaft, adjusting the weight as needed. When the blade consistently stays in place, you have finished balancing.

Purchase your DRUBRO Tru-Spin Prop Balancer today.

How to balance multirotor propellers using a dubro prop balancer.

Prop Balancer #1 | DU-BRO

Prop Balancer #2 | DU-BRO

Our company, Carolina Dronz, has an extensive selection of drones and accessories to choose from. Feel free to contact Carolina Dronz at our website for more information.

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